Why Most People Use WordPress To Build A Website

Creating a brand new website can be pretty exciting. There are endless possibilities when building a website, and it is as easy as ever to make it look professional. The average website builder likely will not be able to use code well enough to build a website from scratch, but a number of website builders out there can help launch a website quickly. The best option out there? Ask most people, and they will say WordPress.

When breaking down the numbers, WordPress has basically 50% of the market share these days. It is pretty remarkable what they have been able to do, and there are a few main reasons why most people design a website using WordPress.

Free To Use

After spending money on a domain, hosting and other expenses, people like the idea of free. The platform is free to use, and they offer a ton of features that also fall under the free category. There are some premium services that can be purchased through WordPress if a person wishes, but it can also be used without ever spending a dime.

Easy To Learn

Unless a person has a background in HTML, CSS or PHP, it is going to take a long time to learn how to build a website without some assistance. WordPress is the best way to get a website up and ready to go without being a computer wizard.

After initially setting up WordPress everything is extremely user-friendly. A person never feels as though they are in over their head. Even people with very little computer knowledge can figure out WordPress without a lot of effort.

Stands Out From Direct Competition

After WordPress started to take off, plenty of competition began to surface. For WordPress to have 50% of the website building business, it says a lot about just how good they are at providing tools people want and need.

Joomla! and Wix are the next two popular options out there for people building websites. Wix is not free to use, so that automatically turns a lot of people off. Joomla! is free, but that lacks a lot of features that come with WordPress.

Step by Step WordPress Setup Guide

Initial Installation

Setting up WordPress is as easy as going on a hosting account dashboard and clicking “Install WordPress.” This is available on nearly every single cPanel, although it might be worded slightly differently. Do a search for WordPress if it can’t be found right away.

The installation process is simple, and WordPress walks a person through everything step-by-step. Once a username and password are created, the website is officially loaded with WordPress.

Customise The Theme

A theme is going to allow a person to have just the right look for a website. While WordPress offers a ton of free themes, there are some premium options to check out that cost money.

Add Content

From About Us pages to actual posts, after a theme is set up, it is usually time to add content. Everything needed to add content can be found in the links on the left-hand side of the website.

Play Around With Settings

No two websites are going to be the same, so the best way to find the right fit individually is to start playing around with settings. Changes like post URL format and post comment settings can be altered to really have a great setup.

Install Any Useful Plugins

Plugins can really enhance the user experience with WordPress. Read about and explore some of the most popular options, or search for certain features to see which ones are most useful.

If you wish to utilise WordPress, you can easily get assistance from Halo Digital. WordPress is now the best approach for anyone serious on web design matters. Try it today and make the desired site you have in mind a reality.

James Alviani

James Alviani

James is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Halo Digital. For over 10 years, he has been working with Perth businesses, organisations and companies to generate leads through online search. His specialty is formulating strategic digital solutions from website design, messaging, keyword optimisation, content creation, and link building. He lives with his wife, Briony and four children South of Perth in Western Australia.

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