What Is Local SEO?

Search engine optimisation is meant to make websites more visible to internet users who may be interested in the products or services offered on the website or by the owner of the website. Since there are many businesses around the world that may have similar web content, getting a high search engine ranking can be incredibly hard. However, there is no need to compete for high ranking with businesses that are not targeting the same clients as you. This is where local SEO comes in. 

What is Local SEO?

While the internet gives you a chance to target internet users around the world, local SEO helps you to narrow down your audience to people who live and work in the location of interest. By including the name of the city in your web content as well as the street address, you can be assured of getting a better search engine ranking. Local SEO is important because nearly half (46%) of all internet searches have local intent. Therefore, you need to optimise your website to ensure it gets ranked highly on these searches. 

Local SEO Services

The following is a list of the main local SEO services:

– Website Localisation: This entails the inclusion of your county, city or region name throughout your website in a natural manner. 

– Citation Building: This entails placing the name of your business, address, phone number and website URL on online directories and citation sites. 

– Managing Reviews and Ratings: Genuine or unbiased reviews and ratings from local customers can help attract and convert new customers. 

– Getting Relevant and Genuine Backlinks: Naturally getting high-quality backlinks from authority websites can place your site higher on the search results page.

5 Reasons Why SEO Can Help You Attract New Customers

i) Timely and Targeted Search Engine Marketing

Local SEO helps to target clients or customers within a specific location. When your search engine marketing efforts are targeting a specific clientele, you can expect to get better results, in terms of attracting more new customers. After all, when they run a local search, your business will appear on top of the search results page. 

ii) High Conversion Rate

It does not matter if you have millions of visitors per day if nobody buys your products or services. The best thing about local SEO is that it is highly targeted, so it has a high conversion rate. When selling products or services, you can expect to attract new customers and increase your sales. 

iii) Attract Mobile Users

More and more people use mobile devices to access the internet. Since local SEO targets internet users on both PCs and mobile devices, you can expect to attract more customers. 

iv) Most Local SEO Tools are Free

Placing a listing on most online business directories, such as Bing Places, Google My Business and many others are free. This means the free promotion of your business to a local audience. 

v) People Trust Online Reviews

Reviews are an important part of any local search engine marketing strategy. Since 85% of people trust online reviews more, you can expect to attract more customers with your local SEO strategy.

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James Alviani

James Alviani

James is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Halo Digital. For over 10 years, he has been working with Perth businesses, organisations and companies to generate leads through online search. His specialty is formulating strategic digital solutions from website design, messaging, keyword optimisation, content creation, and link building. He lives with his wife, Briony and four children South of Perth in Western Australia.

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