What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) allows you to manage how your business appears in the Google search results.

Potential customers see information about you when making purchase decisions, including basics like your address and operating hours. They also find reviews or a photo.

Google My Business gives you complete control over your listing. You can approve and reply to reviews and view your business through Local SEO.

How to Set It Up

Google My Business listing is easy to set up. Follow the two easy steps below for the best results:

1. Create your GMB account

Create an account to register your business. Enter all the relevant details, like business name, address, and others when prompted.

2. Business verification

Verify to Google that you own the business. This process can be completed in a variety of ways based on your preference.

The most common method is by postcard verification, which they send to your physical mailbox. Quicker options include phone, email, and instant verification (which are available only for specific businesses).

How to Optimise Google My Business Listing

Once you have access to your Google My Business page, you need to optimise it. It ensures potential customers are accessing the most accurate information. You also want to market yourself to them in the best possible way.

  • First, fill out all the necessary information in your profile. The most important details are your operating hours and contact number, which should be regularly updated.
  • You also need to indicate if your place supports special conditions. For example, only allowing people of a certain age or providing Wi-Fi access.
  • Be as thorough with the information as possible. The better people are informed, the more likely that they will buy from you. People are free to suggest edits on your GMB listing, so unless you like being flooded with messages from your fans, get it right the first time.
  • Next, you will want to upload as many photos as possible. Businesses with pictures have a 35 percent better chance of a visit from a listing contact. It also gives your potential customers a glimpse into your establishment, product, or service.
  • Photos should be high quality and clear. The minimum size requirement is 720 x 72 pixels (in either PNG or JPEG format).

Further Help

If you need assistance setting up your Google My Business, give Halo Digital a call. We are a Perth-based digital marketing agency that can help you establish a powerful online presence. Let us help you connect with your customers, from web design to PPC.

James Alviani

James Alviani

James is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Halo Digital. For over 10 years, he has been working with Perth businesses, organisations and companies to generate leads through online search. His specialty is formulating strategic digital solutions from website design, messaging, keyword optimisation, content creation, and link building. He lives with his wife, Briony and four children South of Perth in Western Australia.

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