Adwords Management Perth

Get instantly visible in the search results through Google Advertising.

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Adwords Management Perth

Get instantly visible in the search results through Google Advertising.

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Types of PPC Advertising

When it comes to putting yourself in front of others, there are a number of different avenues you can take. Which one is right for you? That all depends on your advertising strategy and the type of market you want to reach.

We can offer you a free consultation to determine the best path to take. here is some basic information on what we offer.

Google Search

Google search is considered the most powerful (and expensive) form of advertising. This is because you are targeting people who are searching for a product or service at the time they are searching for it. There is no other platform in the world that can do this like Google Search.

How Does it Work?

When people search in Google, they will see a list of results come up on the search engine results page (serps). Typically, there will be 3 sponsored or paid results at the top of that search.

Below these 3 sponsored results are typically business listings and then 10 organic results which are determined by Google's complex algorithms.

Paid Google Search is about coming up in the search results in the top sponsored results section. It is a complex bidding system where you bid for positions for different keywords.

Google Display Ads

Google display advertising is about putting your business in front of certain people as they browse on the internet. Your ad can show up on any website that is part of the Google Display partner network. Some example sites include and

How Does it Work?

Display ads are set up on the Google Ads platform. We provide Google with a set of parameters as to when and where to display ads.

For example, you can ask Google to only show your ads to people who are looking to buy or who have shown interest in a certain product. This is where retargeting occurs where you feel like certain ads are "following" you around as you browse various websites.

This type of advertising is considered less effective because you are looking to interrupt people who may be interested in a service, but not necessarily at that time.

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