Changing the Download Links Within a WordPress Page


On this page when a user clicks on the image or button below it it downloads a PDF

To change the pdf file that is downloaded follow these steps:

1.Log into wp-admin

2. go to the page you want to edit and click “edit page”

3. Click upload media and upload the new file that you want users to download

4. Once the file is uploaded, select it (if it isn’t already selected) and on the right will be the details of the file. Find the URL field and select and copy all of its contents. Once copied, close the “insert media” box by clicking the x on the top right

5. In the edit page area click “text” so you can edit the HTML code rather than the visual editor

6. Scroll down and find the code for the button and image you want to replace. The <a href=”…..”> is the code which determines which file to download when the user clicks the image. Select all of the current URL details between the two quotation commas and paste the new URL over the top. Make sure the entire URL is pasted and that it sits between the two commas:

7. The button also needs to download the new PDF. Find the button code which should be just below it and find the <a href”…”> value for the button and paste in the new URL:

8. Click the “update post” button and you are done. You can now go to the front end of the site and test the page

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