An Iconic WA Brand Gets a Make Over

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The Brief

The Shed Man is an iconic West Australian brand. It was our privilege to work with them on establishing their online brand to reflect the values that have helped them lead the West Australian market for over 30 years.

Some of the issues with their existing website were:

  • Lack of values and personality which are central to The Shed Man brand
  • The website used a different logo which did not reflect the signage used across their Perth premises
  • The website shop was cluttered, making it hard for the user to find what they were looking for quickly and succinctly
  • There were a lot of broken/missing images on the website.

Our Approach

We met up with Greg and Dianne for a discovery session to understand the direction they wanted for their website. It was clear they were very proud about the quality of the sheds they supply and install and the service they deliver. It was in fact this quality which set them apart from large national competitors and it became our focal point as we built the website.

We settled on “Pride” as a central theme, encouraging visitors to “Get a Shed You Will Be Proud Of.” We knew from independent reviews that customers experienced this pride in quality and service as they interacted with the business so we wanted to extend that experience through the website.

Shed Man Logo

These unique values needed to be associated with that iconic blue brand we see across Perth. We restored and slightly updated their original logo and pushed the strong blue and yellow theme throughout the website design.


We also wanted to ensure that visitors to the website had a clear, simple pathway to making an online enquiry. We utilised the red from the logo to create distinct call to actions throughout the website.

The Result

Greg and Dianne are extremely happy with the final website we have delivered for them. Most importantly we have seen an improvement in ranking positions for some of their most important keywords and in the first week have already seen a tidy bundle of leads through the website.

Shed Man Ranking Improvement

We are looking forward to continuing to work with them and extending their business through the digital space.

James Alviani

James Alviani

With a background in pre-press design, James began building websites in 2009. What began as a web design service has evolved into a fully fledged digital marketing solution for Australian Businesses. In 2012 he founded Halo Digital Agency in Perth and through that service he has overseen the delivery of hundreds of website designs, thousands of page one rankings, tens of thousands of leads generated, hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend with ROI, and millions of website visitors.

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