Building the Next Generation

As a parent I understand the gravity of choosing the right education for my children. With schools, there is not one school that is right for every child. Instead, it is a case of finding the education environment that best helps your children develop into healthy adults.

Grace Christian School’s core value is to create an environment where their students flourish and grow strong. Their existing website had comprehensive information, but failed to convey these core values. Communicating values is crucial to creating an education website that connects with prospective parents who align the school’s values.

Putting Values First

Our focus with this project was putting those values front and centre on the website. To do this we decided to capture key aspects of school life which demonstrated how students were in fact growing strong in various areas of their development.

We enlisted the help of our photography partner Bobby, who has a knack for telling a story through his images. We love his work:

His work was stunning. Now it was up to us to convey it through the website. Design was all around the word “growth”. We developed a hero section on the homepage which cycled through various aspects of school life.

Further down the homepage, we continued the theme with various images highlighting school experiences and the character development which occurs as a result. Many of the internal pages included an image driven layout, giving prospective parents and families a feel of school life.


Grace Christian School About Page Layout
“About” page layout

The website also included an events section. We made it easy for staff to add in events and kept it as simple as possible. We realise that many websites start with good / big intentions, but often end with empty blogs and event feeds. We wanted to make sure the staff were able to add events without needing our help. One year on, and the events feed looks to be populated…that’s a gold star for the admin staff!

The Results

Some of the results we are proud of with this project:

  • Prospective parents can quickly see the strong growth and development values that underpin the school
  • Beautiful imagery throughout the site, showcasing life at school from immersive learning to positive social interactions.
  • Prominent presence in the search results. Grace Christian School comes up first when people search for “Christian School Bunbury” as evidenced by the below images.
  • The website provides a clear pathway for prospective parents to enquire about the college, while also giving current parents easy pathways to the information they need.
Google results
When searching for “Christian School Bunbury” the school comes up in the Map Listings first and also in the organic website results below first. This was not the case prior to the launch of the new site.
Google Rankings
This grid analysis shows the Google Map Listing is first in all the surrounding areas within 20 miles of Bunbury.

What’s Next?

We have an ongoing relationship with the college, providing them a monthly website Careplan. This covers hosting, security, software updates, backups and 30 minutes of support each month for a very cost effective price. It means that the staff can be confident that their website will be up and running with relevant, up to date information throughout the school year.


James Alviani

James Alviani

With a background in pre-press design, James began building websites in 2009. What began as a web design service has evolved into a fully fledged digital marketing solution for Australian Businesses. In 2012 he founded Halo Digital Agency in Perth and through that service he has overseen the delivery of hundreds of website designs, thousands of page one rankings, tens of thousands of leads generated, hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad spend with ROI, and millions of website visitors.

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